A New Insurance Benefit Option: Bind Medical Plan

Republic is offering a new medical plan this year called the Bind Medical Plan. With Bind, there is no deductible and no coinsurance. You pay a copay for core services, such as preventative care, doctor visits, emergency or hospital visits and prescriptions.

If you need additional services during the year, such as an unexpected surgery, you can shop for the price and provider that fits your needs and pay for the additional coverage over time through payroll deduction. Bind is a consumer-driven health plan that offers employees more ways to save and more flexibility.

Learn more about the Bind plan at this website: www.choosebind.com/RSI (use (Access Code: RSI2021) or click here for the plan summary.

Click here to view answers to a few frequently asked questions. We hope you find this information on Bind to be benefit to you when considering what insurance benefits work best for you. For more information, please call the Bind Help Team at 1-877-621-1650.

Open enrollment runs in two waves, based on your geographic location:

You may access the Benefits Service Center for more information about benefits options and to enroll:

  • Online (through Workday): Log in to Workday, click on the “Benefits” icon, click on “Your Benefits Resources,” then click on the “Enroll in Your Benefits” link.
  • Online (direct): Log in at http://yourbenefitsresources.com/rsibenefits and click the “Enroll in Your Benefits” link.
  • By Phone: Call 1-800-811-0689, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Central time.