5 Tips for Strong, Secure Passwords

Last October, new password requirements went into effect to make logging into the network easier and more secure. New passwords need to be at least 10 characters, using three of the following: uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers or special characters. With this change, came some good news – with stronger and more secure passwords, we only need to reset our password once a year!

So how can you create strong passwords for greater security with minimal effort? Here are 5 tips from our Cybersecurity Team:

1. The longer the password the longer it will take to crack it through a brute force attempt.

Did you know? An 8-character, non-complex password could take as little as 3 hours to crack!

2. Adding numbers and special characters to your password increases its complexity and the time it would take to guess your password; however, you also need to make it less predictable. Use of common words – or words that can be obtained from your social media profile make your password more predictable.

Did you know? The commonly used and predictable “password123” can be cracked in 0.19 milliseconds even though it is 11 characters long and has some complexity built in.

3. Use different passwords for different sites. Do not use your social media password to secure your bank accounts and do not use your Republic Services password for accessing personal accounts.

4. Use 2-factor authentication whenever the option is available. This notifies you when there is an access attempt. At Republic Services, when accessing our network remotely, we require connection to DUO which enforces 2-factor authentication via your cell phone.

5. Finally, to create a password you’ll remember, try combining a set of three or four words that cannot be predicted. You can usually use a mnemonic to remember them. Your password can also be a sentence that is easy to remember.

For example:

The phrase Baked A Three-Tier Cake For My Family = Password: BakedA3TeirCakeForMyFamily

The phrase Time for tea at 1:23 = Password: Time4tea@t1:23