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5 Questions with Top Shop Maintenance Manager Ryan A.

In 2021, the Detroit Metro BU proved to be the Top Shop in Area 10 and the country’s top collection fleet! They have shown continuous improvement year over year, finishing 2021 by exceeding their warranty goal at 148%, controlling cost per engine hour (CPEH), and beating their budget by 8%. And through consistent management practices, have some of the lowest turnover numbers in the Area from a BU standpoint. BU303 Detroit Metro truly fosters the Republic Way by maintaining a OneFleet standard.

To recognize this outstanding achievement, we sat down with Maintenance Manager Ryan A. to get his perspective on what it takes to be a Top Shop.

Q: What steps did you take to achieve your maintenance excellence?

A:  When I started, we did a deep dive look at our fleet, its needs, and current maintenance practices.  .

Q: What do you do to maintain your 5-Star status?

A: Maintaining 5-Star status is extremely difficult.  It takes everyone (drivers, techs, supervisors, managers, and GMs) doing the right things and working together daily to reach and maintain the 5-star level.

Q: How have you handled the occasional curveballs that can change your plans for the day?

A: Curveballs are more the rule than the exception these days. All the team and I can do is work through them one at a time as they present themselves. Knowing we won’t always be a 5-star operation, but doing the right things will always bring us back to a 5-star level.

Q: What have been your biggest challenges in achieving maintenance excellence, and how did you overcome them?

A: There are many challenges in achieving maintenance excellence, but the biggest is keeping our team togetherThere is a lot of competition for techs, especially in our Area. I’ve spent a lot of time recognizing and acknowledging the contributions of our technicians to ensure they know they’re valued, and we absolutely want them to stay with us.

Q: What advice would you give to other shops wanting to achieve 5-Star status?

A: Reaching and maintaining 5-star status is difficult.  There will be many challenges (personnel, parts… etc.) along the way. Trust in, and execute the One Fleet process, and you will get there.