4-Year-Old Elliot Is a Recycling Whiz Kid

Elliot, a young boy in Elk Grove, CA, walks along the creek next to his house and picks up litter. His parents bought him a trash picker after he expressed that he didn’t like how “messy” his creek was. Not only does he pick up buckets of trash each week; when he gets home, he sorts it into trash and recyclables. He even knows that cardboard should be flattened.

To show him our appreciation, our local team surprised Elliot at his house. We presented him with a replica Republic roll-off truck, and best of all, Elliot’s favorite trash man, “garbage man Chris,” made a special visit. It wasn’t trash day, but when Elliot saw our truck coming down the street, he recognized the truck number and knew it was Chris.

Thanks to our Sacramento Team for rewarding Elliot and his passion for protecting the planet!