31-Year Milestone for Technician Louie D., LA Post Collection

On July 15, the Los Angeles Post Collection Team and West Area Office celebrated a 31-year service truck retirement with guest of honor Maintenance Technician Louie D. Louie started with his first service truck new in 1990 and after 31 years, the truck is officially retiring! In the photos above, Louie poses with his shiny, new service truck, personalized with his name. “We appreciate Louie’s hard work and dedication to excellence,” said La Shanda S., General Manager.

Employees attending the special event to honor Louie and his truck included: La Shanda S., General Manager; Evan B.,  West Area Director Ops Support; Mickey H., West Area Post Collections Manager; Danny S., Maintenance Manager; Misael R., TS Supervisor – American TS; Ricardo O., TS Supervisor – Bel Art TS/Falcon TS; Art C., TS Supervisor - ELA TS; Donald C., TS Supervisor – Innovative Waste TS; Alma J., Environmental Manager; Bill V., HR Manager; and Danny G., Maintenance Technician.