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2nd.MD: An Additional Health Benefit Available to You and Your Family

2nd.MD is a Republic Services health benefit available at no cost to employees and family members enrolled in a Republic Services medical plan. 2nd.MD provides access to doctors and healthcare professionals from all over the country for second opinions, treatment reviews and other medical guidance without the wait, travel time or hassle of traditional medical appointments.

Whether you’re facing a new medical diagnosis, have questions about your medications, considering surgery or battling ongoing medical conditions, 2nd.MD will connect you with top physicians via phone or video within three days. This network of medical professionals will make sure your questions are answered and you get the medical advice and assistance you need – and give you peace of mind that you’re on the right treatment path.

The 2nd.MD Process
The 2nd.MD experienced Care Team is there every step of the way. A nurse reviews your case, collects your medical records and connects you via phone or video with a leading doctor who specializes in your specific need. After the consult, the Care Team can work with your doctor to help carry out the treatment plan or help you find a new doctor in your area

Explain your medical issues and an experienced nurse will handle the rest, including collecting medical records and connecting you with a leading specialist who is an expert in your condition.

Get information about your diagnosis, treatment plan and next steps in care from a top specialist. Consult via video or phone at a time that works best for you, including evenings and weekends.

To better prepare you for conversations with your treating physician, you will receive a written summary of your consult.

Watch this video for more information about 2nd.MD

Activate your 2nd.MD account by October 30, 2023, for a chance to win $500! See the attached flyer for more information.

This benefit is offered at NO COST as part of your Republic Services health benefits package. All 2nd.MD services are secure and 100% confidential.

Request a Consult
Visit: 2nd.MD/rsi
Call: (833) 505-1314

With 2ndMD, you have access to elite doctors from all over the country. 2nd.MD specialists are from top institutions and leading experts in their fields. From the moment you request a consult, a nurse will be by your side to ensure all your questions are answered.
2nd.MD is a benefit offered by Republic Services at no cost to you and your family members covered by a Republic Services health plan. 2nd.MD provides medical second opinions via video or phone from the comfort of your home.