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2023 ROAD-EO Winners Honored by Clark County Nevada Commission

In honor of their victories at the 2023 ROAD-EO National Championship, representing the West Area, David M., First Place Winner, Bulldozer Operator, and Jorge T., Third Place Winner, Rear-Load Driver, were recognized by the Clark County Board of County Commissioners (BCC), in acknowledgement of their exceptional performance and the great work they do in the community. The BCC recognized Jorge and David with customized plaques, presented by Commissioner Marilyn Kirkpatrick.

Fun Facts

Jorge has been with Republic Services, serving Las Vegas, for 8 years. Jorge is also a multi-year ROAD-EO National Championship Finalist (2017). When asked what skills he would like to learn and what do you enjoy doing in your free time, he replied, “The skill I would most like to learn is flying helicopters, and in my free time I enjoy working on cars and watching football. Go Bears!”

David has been with Republic Services, serving Las Vegas, for 40 years! When asked what his biggest accomplishment is, he says, “Raising a family of five kids during my time with the company. Four of them have college degrees and my oldest son is a dentist. This job has helped me raise my family. I’ve been the sole income provider and this company has allowed me to do that.”