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2022 BU ROAD-EO Season is Here!

Drivers, Heavy Equipment Operators and Technicians from across the country will put their skills to the test as we kick off the 2022 BU ROAD-EO Season on June 1.

Republic’s ROAD-EO competition is an opportunity for eligible employees to demonstrate their expert driving and maintenance skills.

Drivers compete in one of four categories – Residential Rear-Load, Residential Side-Load, Industrial Large Container, and Commercial Small Container – and are required to complete timed challenges, including parallel parking, alley backing and a serpentine course.

Heavy Equipment Operators compete in one of two categories – Bulldozer and Wheel-Loader, completing challenges, including forward/back, dirt pickup and back drag.

Technicians are tasked with a complex diagnostic examination of either a collection or post-collection vehicle, during which they are required to identify up to 10 maintenance issues within 10 minutes.

Winners will advance to the Area Level for a chance to win a trip to the 2023 ROAD-EO National Championship in Phoenix, Arizona!

All eligible Drivers, Operators and Technicians are encouraged to sign up and compete in your BU ROAD-EO. Talk to your supervisor for details.

Best of luck to all of our ROAD-EO competitors!

For more info, click here.