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2021 Sustainability Report: Safety

Can you name Republic Services’ four Elements of Sustainability that anchor our 2030 sustainability goals?

They are: Safety, Talent, Climate Leadership and Communities. In the next few weeks, we’ll take a closer look at each of these areas and refer to the 2021 Sustainability Report for specific examples of what we’re doing to reach our 2030 Sustainability Goals.

This week, let’s take a closer look at first Element of Sustainability: Safety.

Safety drives every decision we make. With the majority of our employees and one of the country’s largest fleets on the road every day, it is essential that safety is part of everything we do.

The following graphic (found on page 23 of the 2021 Sustainability Report) outlines our 2030 Safety goals and progress made over the past five years.

Here are a few stories that exemplify our commitment to Safety.

Together for Safer Roads
Since 2016, Republic has partnered with Together for Safer Roads, a coalition of private fleet operators committed to working together to advance road safety with a shared vision of avoiding road traffic collisions, injuries and deaths. As part of that partnership, we will be helping test ways to improve drivers’ in-cab visibility and decrease blind spots. Learn more >

Finish Your Fridays
Our commitment to safety is uniform, but we encourage our teams to develop innovative awareness campaigns to keep messaging fresh and relevant. One example is the Southwest Area’s “Finish Your Fridays” newsletter. Tim Pieters, Area Safety Manager, created the email newsletter in 2016 after reading in a safety assessment that Fridays were the day when the most crashes and incidents occurred. Learn more >

365 Safe Days in Sandusky, OH
General Manager Heather Brown joined the division in November 2020 as operations manager and worked to strengthen the “culture of caring,” where team members look out for one another. With this mindset in place, the division has established a high level of engagement, personal ownership and peer-to-peer accountability. As a result, driver turnover dropped, employee engagement soared – and together, the division stayed safe throughout 2021. Learn more >

It’s stories like these that will help us reach our 2030 Sustainability Goals! Stay tuned next week as we zero in on the second Element of Sustainability: Talent.