2020 Power of Us Area Road Show

Power of Us Area Kick-off Meetings concluded last week for COO Tim Stuart; SVP, Operations Bryan Boyer; and SVP, Operations Gregg Brummer. These leaders visited all 10 Areas and Energy Services to align local leadership teams on our 2020 priorities: Safety, People, Customer and P&L. Importantly, they also presented the Outperformer and Triple Crown Awards to our top performing GMs and APs. It was a great way to kick off the new year!

Congratulations to all the winners who received one (or both) of these top honors this year!

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Power of Us Area Road Show slideshow:

Here’s a look at the criteria for the awards:

Outperformer: Presented to both Business Units and Areas that outperformed their budgeted Operating Income by an excess of 10%.

Triple Crown: Presented to the Business Units and Areas that met or exceeded their budget Operating Income, earned year-over-year EBITDA Margin Expansion, and improved their year-over-year ROIC. The total ranking is determined by the average score of the three metrics, with each metric given equal weighting.